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Hello there my darlings! I'm Neko Chan, just one more camgirl on tumblr. Here I share all sorts of sexy stuff and publish updates and announcements from my website and special events/prices!

I specialize in fetishes and I give softcore BDSM shows. Slightly different from your usual vanilla camgirl yet still softcore. I will dominate you or spank myself for you! Either way, I'll make it worth your while ;3

Chek out my profile at myfreecams:

and if you are feeling generous leave me an offline tip or spoil me ;3 all links can be found here in my website

My Website:

Spoil me and I'll spoil you!

Heyyyyyy its Patrick B. from FB (hope you remember me) love love love your blog so awesome :-)

Glad you like! Remember to reblog so I can continue providing sexy content ;3 

I been looking at your tumblr, and you are more than just another cam girl. you are a goddess and a amazing one at that.

Thank you darling <3 

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